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About Us


FunBox Toy Rental is now owned by Jessica Mommy and a wife for a wise husband: Wefer 

Jessica - a Mommy of two smart and handsome boys, Othniel and Kenneth.

Sharing the same ideas and passion when it comes to toys and also a way to
practice "Think Out of The Box" method, Jessica decided to run
and takeover Funbox Toy Rental on December 2011, from Prita and Benita (the founders), both
are mothers of two children, who started the business on February 2010, from their passion
towards toys and their own experience  that providing good, educational toys
for the children while keeping the house clutter-free is neither easy nor cheap!


As parents, we understand that age appropriate toys that promote the
development of skills are very important. But safe good quality toys are
expensive and more often than not only appropriate for a short period of
time. Children under the age of 6 grow so quickly that they outgrow their
toys almost too quickly for us (parents) liking. That is how we come up with
the idea of providing toy rental service for parents with children up to 6
years old. We hope to provide solution to make children and parents happy!


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